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5 Wedding Services You Need To Pick

Taking the list and considering many options for wedding planning in Bali can take time. Sometimes, you can forget some aspects for the occasion. It can be a disaster, especially when it comes to essential services. So, if you are up for the idea and decide to marry at the Uluwatu wedding venue, be sure to get these crucial facilities for the special day.

Things You Need To Get For Venue

1. Room Availability

The first point you need to ensure is the room availability. Whether it is for the room, hall, accommodation, transportation, or the menu. To make everything easier, you can determine the guest number before picking the location. If you are going for private, villa work the best. But you will need to visit the place if you have more than 200 attendees.

2. Vendor Options

There is a chance that the wedding services include vendor details. If you can ask whether the place offers vendor options or not. If they do, you will have more freedom to pick who you will rent during the special day. It works like a charm for a customized wedding idea. Such as décor, accommodation, entertainment, photography, etc.

3. Full-Service Menu

Uluwatu wedding venue will fully service menu give you the best food options. Many times, the package or vendor options come with many possibilities. You can pick the main course, drink, snack, to late-night grub. The full-service menu can also give a more complete experience, including menu enhancement or special food for certain attendees.

4. Decoration And Equipment

Décor and equipment have a significant role in the wedding ceremony. No one wants an old, outdated, and unfashionable décor or entertainment. So, be sure about this and show your preference might help a lot. But again, every venue has different capabilities. That is why a site that can fulfill your dream is the one you should pick.

5. Knowledgeable Staff

Make everything perfect down to the T. It means you also need to consider the Uluwatu wedding venue’s staff. Knowledgeable staff means they can do everything professionally to avoid any mistakes. In this case, you can consider some qualifications, such as English speaker staff, professionals, attentiveness, and courtesy.

Don’t be scared to ensure the five list before renting the area. Most of the time, those details are mentioned during the deal. However, going for the second take can help you avoid any problem or dissatisfaction. So, double-check the room, vendor, menu, décor, and staff before sealing the contract deal.

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